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asked questions

  • Why use Fly à la MODE?
    Fly à la MODE redefines what it means to travel light. No more wasting time at baggage claim. No more dragging baggage around. No more flying back with dirty laundry. With our service, you have access to a curated collection of trendy, high-quality pieces for your getaway. Rather than buying new clothes for a single wear, you sport the latest styles rented from our online boutique while you enjoy your vacation. Your benefits with Fly à la MODE: Travel without checking in baggage Experience new fashion on your vacation Access to full-sized care products: shampoo, leave-in, mousse, body wash and body lotion
  • What type of vacationers does Fly à la MODE cater to?
    Fly à la MODE caters to vacationers who prefer to: Travel light Avoid packing Have a worry-free travel experience with zero chance of delayed or lost baggage Welcome the opportunity to rock new styles
  • How do I use Fly à la MODE?
    To use Fly à la MODE, follow these steps: Create an account. Reserve your styles from Chicago Carousel and/or MODE AILES Carousel (pronounced mode-elle). Provide accurate destination address, check-in and check-out dates, times, and your flight information. Send your clothing concierge an SMS message once you arrive at your destination. Your styles and assortment of care products will be hand-delivered between 8 AM and 6 PM CST Monday through Sunday. If arriving after 6 PM, your styles will be delivered at a pre-determined time on the next day. Prepare clothing and remaining unsealed care products for pick-up by 6 PM CST the day prior to check-out. Your clothing concierge will send you an SMS message 48 hours ahead of check-out to arrange for pick-up. See Store policies for Terms and Conditions.
  • What are the delivery hours?
    Monday through Sunday 8 AM - 6 PM CST.
  • What are the carousels of Fly à la MODE?
    Chicago Carousel contains ready-to-wear pieces where the price is based on the number of items reserved. MODE AILES Carousel (pronounced mode-elle) means FASHION WINGS. This carousel houses exclusive pieces from Chicago Fashion Designers. The price is à la carte so each piece has its own cost.
  • What does the Chicago Carousel offer?
    The Chicago Carousel offers ready-to-wear pieces for rent. Prices are based on number of items in your selected package.
  • What does the MODE AILES Carousel offer?
    MODE AILES Carousel (pronounced mode-elle) offers exclusive pieces from Chicago Fashion Designers for rent à la carte. A la carte means each item has its own price.
  • What care products are offered by Fly à la MODE?
    Fly à la MODE offers full-sized care products for purchase. They include include shampoo, leave-in conditioner, mousse, body wash, and body lotion.
  • How are the clothes cared for?
    Clothes are laundered using hypoallergenic, perfume-free detergent or dry cleaned as required. To keep you looking brand new, all styles are freshly pressed and quality checked prior to hand-delivery. Your closet comes in Fly à la MODE-branded garment bags.
  • How much does Fly à la MODE's service cost?
    The cost of service depends on your selected carousel. Chicago Carousel offers four packages starting from $299 that are priced based on the number of items. The pieces in MODE AILES (pronounced mode-elle) are priced à la carte. Vacation your way! Buy a package from the Chicago Carousel and include items from MODE AILES as desired, or exclusively rent from MODE AILES.
  • What if my clothing doesn't fit?
    Product descriptions are available for each item to provide fit details. If an item in your closet does not fit, contact your clothing concierge within 1 hour of delivery. You'll have the option to select an alternate size of the same style or select a different available style that will be delivered within business hours.
  • Can I purchase my rented styles?
    Not at the moment but let us know which items you fell in love with at
  • How soon before arrival should I reserve a closet?
    Reservtions should be made 72 hours or more prior to arrival. Any reservations made within 72 hours of arrival are subject to a $75 fee. See Store Policies for more details.
  • Can I make changes to my closet after completing my reservation?
    Yes. You can make changes in My Closet. Changes made within 72 hours prior to arrival are subject to a $75 fee. See Store Policies for more details.
  • If I extend my stay after reserving from the Chicago Carousel, can I add more pieces?
    Extensions are not currently available for Chicago Carousel. You may opt to rent à la carte from MODE AILES (pronounced mode-elle).
  • What is included in the service fee?
    The service fee includes your dedicated Clothing Concierge, professionally laundered clothes, restocking, and the convenience of not packing and dragging a suitcase around.


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