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Her brain child, Fly à la MODE is a pioneering platform where vacationers and business travelers can be relieved from the burden of packing. This innovative service enables travelers to easily rent cothing from the online boutique and have them hand-delivered to their destination.

woman owned business fly a la mode

 Free hands catch priceless memories

– Emi Lalanne

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meet Emi

After an eye-opening experience in Melbourne, Australia, Emi couldn't contain her curiosity about the world. She embarked on a journey across Europe, Africa, and Asia, immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiencing a myriad of environments ranging from hot springs, temples and ruins. These travels broadened her horizons, expanded her taste in cuisines, and perhaps most importantly, made her realize the challenges that vacationers often face, especially when it comes to planning stylish trips. This realization triggered the idea behind Fly à la MODE.

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